interim SIDR meeting at NANOG 54

The IETF SIDR wg plans an interim meeting, to be held in San Diego the Thu after the end of NANOG 54 (Thu Feb 9).

The intent is to get operator input into two topics that have been energetically discussed on the sidr mailing list: replay-freshness protection and route leaks. The discussion of both topics has concentrated on operational impacts, so the opinions of operators would be useful.

The announcement can be seen at:

I am working on logistic details with the NANOG hotel or others nearby. When details are final, I will post them to both this list as well as the IETF SIDR mailing list.


I previously announced
the interim IETF SIDR (Secure Inter-Domain Routing) working group
meeting that is being held on Thu Feb 7 in San Diego. Room
arrangements are now complete.

If you wish to attend, please register by sending a message to Please provide:

E-mail address:

There is NO registration fee for this meeting, but please do register
so room setup is suitable for the number of attendees. Updates on
meeting logistics will be sent to those who register.

A wiki page on the SIDR wiki at the site has been created:
The agenda at the moment is just as was originally announced. Updates to
the agenda will be posted to that wiki page.

A list of those registered will be maintained at

The e-mail addresses will not be noted on the wiki attendees page.

--Sandy Murphy, sidr co-chair

Thanks for the eyes who noticed my typo below.

The meeting is being held Thu Feb 9.

No matter how often I read over what I type, .....