Interesting stratum 1 NTP clock

Folks who run NTP in their nets might wanna check out:

This is a reasonably affordable, NTP-ready, GPS based stratum 1 chimer,
complete with 10BaseT interface. It's also getting close to being

I've been beta testing one for a couple of weeks and it seems to chime
reasonably well.


p.s. I have no finanical interest in this product or this company
whatsoever. I'm just a time geek...

Would a GPS hooked to the serial port of a Linux box do the same?


Within limits. There are latency issues. Check out for an excellent collection of info on

-- jr 'always did love that verb...' a

W&G also used to make or resell a stratum 1 NTP speaking GPS clock with
oven-based thermally stabilized oscillator. I loved it. But I cannot find
it on their web page, so perhaps they do not sell it anymore. It was a
little pricy, and Tony's suggestion looks much cheaper.

Eric Carroll