Interesting - No reaction to a smurf

We currently have an ongoing attack, and cannot get
a directly adjacent network to respond.
(Participate in a traceback)
The list at has a few errors....
   Jared: The following phone number is disconnected:
Concentric Network Corp.,,
   +1 408 327 2470

Cool! I love it when we find these things out from
external sources. :frowning: :frowning:

I'll put a bee in the bonnet of the folks at work to
track this down and get it operational again.
  The phone number appears to be no longer operational.
The email gets an auto-responder.
We have not received a human response to an "urgent" in over
24 hours.

If you are a peer of ours, please send correspondance to
"" -- that actually hits the clueful
people. If for some reason that address gives errors, send
it to "". That second address isn't
supposed to exist anymore, of course, but it's always good
to have a second channel in case the primary fails. :slight_smile:

We have an ongoing attack that has been running for over 48
hours total so far.......
   Would someone with Concentrics (IP Clueful) Security
please contact me!
(And while you are at it, please update puck's NOC contact

How does one do that...I see a form for adding a new entry,
but I don't see a form for updating an existing entry. :frowning:

  You appear to have a script kiddie pointing smurf at a

Please send as much of the relevant information on the attack
as you can to, and we will work with
you on tracking it down. Please include which peering location
you are seeing the traffic from, and destination IPs that are
being hit.

Richard Irving
One Call Communications, Inc.

You're welcome--sorry it had to come to a public forum like this. :frowning:

Matt Petach
(from home, representing me and my bathrobe at the moment, and not
much else.)

What I was going to do is assign a password
for each entry, and there is a place where it stores the submitters
  You then would use the password to update your entry, but I've not
written the form/cgi for that yet.

  I'll try and do that later this week. (ack. it's thurs)
er, this weekend.

  you can also just send me e-mail, and i'll get to it
fairly quickly, i've had personal e-mail lag recently, but your message
will not be lost, and i'll take care of it within a few days at most.

  - jared

I thought this might wake someone up!
Thanks for the -fast- response.


However, this security related stuff belongs off list.

With that said, dive, dive......


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