Interesting - No reaction to a smurf

We currently have an ongoing attack, and cannot get
a directly adjacent network to respond.
(Participate in a traceback)

The list at has a few errors....

   Jared: The following phone number is disconnected:

Concentric Network Corp.,,
   +1 408 327

  The phone number appears to be no longer operational.
The email gets an auto-responder.

We have not received a human response to an "urgent" in over
24 hours.


We have an ongoing attack that has been running for over 48
hours total so far.......

   Would someone with Concentrics (IP Clueful) Security
please contact me!
(And while you are at it, please update puck's NOC contact
  You appear to have a script kiddie pointing smurf at a


Richard Irving
One Call Communications, Inc.