interesting article on video encoding

not exactly this list's main focus, but i suspect that lots of people here's day job is to move these bits around as fast as possible once they are being streamed.


It's quite impressive, what Anne and her team are doing.

As game-changing as it has been maintaining video quality at lower bit rates across various platforms, I think there is a market for a bit less-lossy VoD content now as more homes start to get stable FTTH services in the 50Mbps range and up.

In particular, Disney+ have finally started releasing content in IMAX Enhanced (which has a DTS:X audio stream).

I think there is also a market for a significantly less-lossy version of Dolby Atmos that ships for VoD content, because what all VoD providers are currently putting out is not really as immersive as what you would get from a BD disc, or even streamed DTS:X content as part of IMAX Enhanced.

I'd even be willing to pay an extra fee for the less-compressed version of Dolby Atmos for VoD (in much the same way Netflix charges you extra for their UHD/4K service). If you have the right a/v gear, the difference is night & day.