>> I would expect that if the Equinix exchange participants were IPv6
>> hungry ...

Let me toss in a question that may really be dumb... what are those
that are hungry for IPV6 doing with it?

  Id guess meeting customer demand?

I figure that organizations that run IPV6 now think they are
ahead of the game. Are they? Is this something that responsible
ISPs should be doing?

  Depends on what you think the game is. Being able to
  get more address space than you can conceivably need
  can be a powerful motivator.

Would this turn our network into one big NAT area when we have to
translate into IPV4 addresses at the edge to get to the real Internet?

  Perhaps. The migration issues are not all that well thought
  out and there are some real pitfalls in the details. Call it
  early adopter syndrome.