Interconnecting at MAE-West

Hello Carl...

You can connect to MAE-West-SanJose by contacting Steve Feldman of
MFSdatanet. See webpage for products and services as well.

You may be eligible to connect to MAE-West-MoffettField by contacting
me. Our business model allows commercial enterprises to connect
for a $10,000 one time fee and $2,000/month/FDDIport, with a reservation
on a GIGAswitch port when that becomes necessary. Terms are prepayment
of initial fee and 6 mos connection. Fee is adjusted up or down at
end of 12 mos to ensure that only "cost to NASA Ames" is collected.
To do this, you must send to me on business letterhead a Letter Of Intent
to collocate equipment at Moffett Field, and sign a Reimbursable Space
Act Agreement prior to connecting your data line and your router.

The cost for now is the same for a DS1, a DS3 or an OC3c.

The Participant is responsible for obtaining an IP address from Bill Manning,
manager of Routing Arbiter project, and for making any and all peering
agreements with other participants.

If this is of interest, please contact me via email.

        /bill jones, external interface manager

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