Interconnecting at MAE-West

Could some kind network operator out there, guide me to a FAQ or
some other document with regards to interconnecting at MAE-West
(or any other MAE). Specifically, some of the things I would like
to find out about are probably old hat to most of you, so if you
could pass on some of your knowledge, it would be greatly appreciated.

Some of the specifics:

1) Requirements for interconnect at MAE-West
2) Cost?
3) Minimum Line Speed
4) Transit? i.e. if the line is for backup purposes only,
   how can we arrange for transit, etc...
5) Peering agreements etc.

So if there is a document or set of documents that have this info
in them, if someone could point me in the right direction, I'd
surely appreciate it.

-Carl Forsythe

The best place for info on the MAEs is from MFS, send mail to
'' with a similar request.