Inter-provider relations

What would help, would be a way to reduce the effort involved in setting up
these peerings. At the DC Nanog, I proposed a Multilateral Universal
Peering arrangement, consisting of an agreement and a few changes to the
RAs, specifically in the area of macros or include statments. It would
work this way: any provider who wished to (and met the criteria?), could
sign the agreement and with a few changes to the RA macro, be peered
thru the RAs to all the other signatories. The model today requires
N*(N-1) discussions, with N approaching 100 at Mae-East, this is a waste
of resources. Unfortunately the needed software changes to the RAs is not
yet ready, but once it is, I plan to try and get this effort started.

Best Regards,
Robert Laughlin

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MLPA: _MultiLateral_Peering_Araigments_ are supported in the RA Route Servers.
There is an existant MLPA process in place at both the AADS and PB Naps.