Inter-provider relations

....and I'm sure Gordon will write:

....and a few dozen others will write:

But I - for one - will unsubscibe (once I figure out how)....

I joined this list back when there was a good reason. Agis had some serious problems, and still are not problem free. But these kind of attacks are unneeded, useless and time wasting. Agis has improved dramtically - I wonder about the need for a list *like this*.

The problem with unsubscibing is that it's like a soap opera - hard to stop watching... but I guess I should have better things to do.

Well written response Peter - I regret having to unsubscribe as this is the only time I get to hear from you - but please keep improving, growing, and good luck with Gordy.

BTW - I'm writing this after just having recovered from a serious Agis outage, caused by a mistake on their end. To their credit, they hung in there and got an honest mistake fixed (specifically Paula) and we're up again.

I guess I could blast them like some others seem to need to, but why? We all make mistakes, we're all growing fast, and this stuff ain't easy... I'll stick by someone who just plain works hard to make it better even if it is kind of rough (and as long as I have a backup T)

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