Inter-ISP/Telco/X.25 security procedures?

Date: Mon, 16 Sep 2002 14:16:24 -0400
From: Craig Partridge <>

>Oh yeah, I should have typed BARRNET, not BBN.
>Wasn't BARRNET operating on the Stanford campus
>prior to 1991?

Absolutely. NSFNET kicked off in 1986/1987 and BARRNET was one of the early
regional networks along with NYSERNET (from which PSI was spun off),
NEARNET (which was operated by the team that became BBN Planet/Genuity),
and a handful of others.

Certainly SURANET and CICNET were around. I also remember MIDNET,
NORTHWESTNET, SESQUINET and maybe OARNET as being NSF regionals.
CERFnet was around, but not a regional.

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