Inter-exchange media types

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[ ... lots of stats for 40 input ports deleted ... ]

c) Per port thruput: 64 byte frame per second (24 frame bursts on 40 ports)
   Cisco: 4891
   DEC: 4391

Hmm. 5 kpps per port. Not really useful for a major interconnect is
it? For the smaller interconnects the Cisco 5000 looks very good.

Bottom line: The Gigaswitch performed the almost the worst (Fibronics took t
honor) and the Cisco performed the best.
Perhaps it is time to revisit the Gigaswitch technology?

Or at least avoid using the DEC 24 port ethernet card which seems to
be what was tested. Data on the dual FDDI card would be more useful
for considering what to expect at the major interconnects.