Inter-exchange media types

click on option 2c, option text
will give you a list of
such statistics for a chosen
5 minute sample at FIXwest.

the asia-asia stuff seems to have really
gotten a lot better (i.e., less) in the last
few years. if the Fix is any indication


   Wolfgang brings up a good point; there are certainly regional interests
   in creating exchange points within certain geographic areas. This is
   a Good Thing (tm). We should encourage this is every way, shape or form.
   Especially in SE Asia, and other areas where traffic traverses already
   congested links back to the US just to reach its final destination in
   SE Asia.
   I realize this is borderline NANOG topic, but it really *does* affect
   North American network Ops when traffic has to transit NA links
   just to reach its final destination 25 km away from where it originated.
   This is insane.
   While I do not mean to point out SE Asia as the most violent offender
   of this transient problem, the problem exists elsewhere in the world;
   SE Asia just happens the be the most handy real-world reference.
   Food for thought.
   - paul