Integrated WIFI router and phone adapter

Hi NANOG Community

Anyone knows about a good integrated WIFI router and phone adapter that can be used to provide home and business internet and phone service. We tried couple of them but we’ve seen some instability and reliability issues (i.e. wifi issues, phone issues, etc.). Also some of them are designed to work better over DSL but not over DOCSIS.

Thank you


Have you looked at Calix: You don’t mention what last mile you’re using. The Calix Giga units are for GPON. Mark.


But yes -- GPON.

They have an Ethernet version and GPON version.

The GPON version is the same price their Ethernet version + low end GPON ONT.

We stayed away from the GPON version for WiFi reasons. Want the techs thinking about a good RF location. Don't want them thinking about easy/good fiber routing.

Kevin Burke
Burlington Telecom

200 Church St, Burlington, VT

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    But yes -- GPON.

SmartRG (now part of Adtran) has some Ethernet-connected and therefore largely provider-tech agnostic models with FXS ports. I've not used the voice functionality of them, but I've been quite happy with the Wi-Fi and NAT, and they generally "do the right thing" out of the box for most folks.

To drive POTS lines, I suppose they are fine.

But agree that for home wi-fi, you're better off having a dedicated AP
so that you don't compromise wi-fi quality due to the fibre loop coming
into the back of your office/house, where only dust lives :-).


don't forget to disable SIP-ALG on the units. That will be a huge improvement.