I have inquire regard how to setup pop for terminating voice
to telecom carries around the global.

May scenario is,

Telecom companies will connect to us
thru VoIP. And we would like to terminate these voice calls to telecom carrier
around the global... At best price.

How can I accomplish this?

I have read many article to host my equipment�s
in co-location provider, where all carries well meet there. Like meet-me-room

I�m confused here, is all carriers will
be hosting there equipment�s in ixp? Or data center?

What equipment�s do I need is Multiplexer and media
gateway and Softswitch and patch panel?

I need
to make 30000 calls do I need 1000xE1 lines from the Multiplexer?

What in
my mind this picture

will connect media gateway. Media gateway will connect Multiplexer at DS3. Multiplexer
will produce E1line to patch panel and from patch panel will connect cross connect
to others telecom carrier

Is this

Do I have to host my equipment�s at
each ixp ? or data center where meet-me-room available

Thanks and regards