Input requested for second edition of "Firewalls and Internet Security"

We've just about finished the draft manuscript for the second
edition of "Firewalls and Internet Security" (this time by Bill
Cheswick, Steve Bellovin, and Avi Rubin). Given the tremendous
change in the market (including both the prevalence of commercial
firewalls and widespread easy access to open source software),
we're dropping the appendix that lists useful free software; we're
replacing it by a list of important sources to monitor for word on
new holes, major patches, etc. (We'll put up a draft table of contents
on the book's web site some time this weekend.)

So -- what are your favorite mailing lists, web sites, etc., for
keeping your systems and networks secure?

(To answer the obvious question: we don't yet know precisely when the
new book will appear on the shelves. A lot depends on how much rewriting
we'll have to do in response to the technical reviews. But some time
in the spring looks to be a pretty good bet.)

    --Steve Bellovin, (me) ("Firewalls" book)