Initial Route Server Stats for MAE-East


  1) I'm Steve, not Richard.

  2) Yes, I did find your analogy (which you admitted
   was "crude") to be offensive. That was my point.
   I really don't see the point of that sort of
   comment in a technical discussion.


  >From Tue Oct 24 16:09:07 1995
  >From: Tim Bass <>
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  >Subject: Re: Initial Route Server Stats for MAE-East
  >To: (Steven J. Richardson)
  >Date: Tue, 24 Oct 1995 16:06:08 -0400 (EDT)
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  >> >' make sure to put all the hair in your pants before
  >> > zipping your zipper..... notes ... SPAMtastic
  >> Is this really necessary? I don't see any technical point in this
  >> sort of argument.
  >No, Richard, it is not 'really necessary'. I hope that you did not
  >find my crude analogy offensive.

  >I plead guilty to taking
  >my opinion to somewhat arrogant extremes in the above statement.
  >Furthermore, I made the mistake of thinking that this tread was on
  >If I had been more cognizant of the fact that this
  >discussion was on nanog, I would not have posted such a harsh
  >My mistake, too quick on the elm keys, for sure.


  Steve Richardson/Merit