Initial Route Server Stats for MAE-East


You have a lot of statistics that are simply listed as "ANS" with some
incredibly high loss and delay numbers. You don't mention that these
are all for the ANS interface en-0.ENSS136.t3.ANS.NET
which was the ethernet on ENSS136 and fail to mention that for most or
all of this time period there was also a FDDI on ENSS136 and we later
cut over to the FDDI on ENSS147. If you fail to mention these little
facts, people might think that ANS has a really shoddy conmnection to
Mae-East, not knowing that the problem was due to media saturation at
the Mae East ethernet and technical problems with the ethernet
bridging technology used by MFS, and that ANS also had the FDDI and
preferred the FDDI except for those only reachable by ethernet.

Would you please clear that up on your web pages and maybe add a
readme on the ftp server. If you like, I can get the E136 FDDI
installation dates and the cutover date for E147, which now only has a
FDDI and doesn't have an ethernet at all. I think we have now shut
down the College Park ethernet as well.


Thanks for the feedback Curtis. You are correct that one might get the
wrong impression. ( Our intent here was really to show the layout of the
web page and get some feedback, and this ANS router just happened to be
first.) Dun just uploaded all the rest of the MAE-East Peer delay/packet
loss graphs. Thanks for the suggestion.

Web Pointer to MAE-East graphs:

Bill & Dun