Information on cross-lata transit

Hello All,

Please let me know if there a telcom-carrier list to which this question
should be addressed. Many of you seem to be the most familiar with
telco/carrier/equipment issues of any list that I know of. Thanks.

NJ is divided into two LATA's both served by Bell Atlantic, because of the
1984 consent decree, B.A. cannot provide transit across this LATA. I need
to find any one of the following immediately...

1. A CLEC/ILEC/LD/landline/fiber/microwave carrier that can (and will)
provide an NNI to NNI interconnection so I can connect the northern BA FR
cloud to the southern BA FR cloud. - For less than the ~ $2000/MRC I have
been quoted for a 768k PVC.

2. Someone willing to rent a small amount of space with a physical presence
in both LATAs. A building built on the LATA border, an office complex,
etc... I will use xDSL, wireless, Ethernet, whatever to connect the two
LATAs as long as they are close enough in proximity. I don't mind
infrastructure expenditures, it's the MRC that kills me. I will even give
them free Internet access. :slight_smile:

3. A way to have B.A. do this for me. Can this be done if I file a SRA with
B.A. and the PUC or is this beyond their jurisdiction and in FCC territory.

4. A carrier with REASONABLE rates that can cross the LATA in NJ. I will
pay up to ~ $1200/month end-to-end, but that's already more than twice the
MRC for two BA FR circuits.


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