Informal public hotspot BoF/lunch at 12:15 Monday in the RegencyFoyer (we'll try to move to a local eatery after we gather)

Hi all.�� I am Dan Ellis, CTO of PenTeleData.� We are a regional ISP/communications company owned by 7 cable and telephone companies, responsible for 150k+ broadband subscribers and associated IP infrastructures.� Like many MSO's, we are looking at rolling out a large (300-500+ AP) distributed public hotspot infrastructure and have seen the following issues with both commercial and open source solutions:

- Lack of subscriber accountability (NAT translations).
- Inability to see per subscriber "ip accounting/netflow" statistics.
- Lack of strong MAC and IP security (easily hijackable)
- Inability to control subscriber speeds.
- Poor OS implementations (no ssh, non robust upgrades)
- Limited or no radius accounting records.
- Limited subscriber time/max-transfer control.
- Inability to perform internal or external IDS (quarantining).
- Limited best practices guides dealing with the above items.
- Numerous issues with operator deployment methods.

At the BoF, we hope to compile a list of requirements for vendors in order to get a better set of gear we can build a manageable hotspot infrastructure from.� We'll present our requirements along with any other sets people have, then throw the floor open for discussion.� I will attempt to steer vendors towards these requirements, work on a best practices guide, and then present my results to the Nanog community.

Tim Pozar, Avi Freedman and I will gather for this informal BoF in the Regency Foyer at 12:15pm on Monday, 10/18/04.� If the crowd is of an appropriate size, we'll then move to a local eatery.

Hope to see you there,