INFORM: Web-Based Speed Test Hackathon - Princeton, NJ in November

May be of interest to folks on this list…

Comcast is developing a new open source web-based speed test – see ISPs, academic researchers, and others will likely be interested in using this rather than older tools. One goal is to make it easy for any organization to customize it for their use and UI, and we’ll soon find a neutral non-Comcast home for the code. To kick this off we are sponsoring a hackathon at Princeton University in November (the 3rd and 4th).

Anyone can participate – though participants should preferably be developers or have development skills (the code is written in Node.JS with some Angular components for the UI).

All details at and we’re asking folks to click the RSVP link at the top to register ASAP.


Jason Livingood

It's completely possible I have overlooked but you call it an open source
tool but provide no source?

Can I take that as a sign you are interested in participating in the project?

In any case, I think I indicated it would be available soon, and prior to the hackathon, and eventually via a ‘neutral’ code repo. Perhaps you are interested in coming? I’ve copied Nick from Princeton if that is the case.