Infomart Dallas is on generator

I have now heard from two reliable sources that Infomart Dallas is presently on generator, and is likely to remain so until the cold weather/electrical supply emergency in Texas has abated. No network impact seen yet.

Hopefully the other 400mw in Dallas follow their lead.

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From the latest update it sounds like rolling power outages in Dallas as most places in Texas (We have several other sites affected as well) so they probably figure to just leave everything on generator (All Equinix DCs, not sure on others) for more stable power. I just got an update that refueling trucks coming tomorrow at 10am.

From the latest update it sounds like rolling power outages in Dallas as
most places in Texas

The 501c(4) nonprofit entity which controls the Texas grid. They’ve been publishing load shedding updates.

They are most likely part of a demand load shedding program and are being paid to run off generator.

Latest from Equinix as of 10PM 2/15

Dear Equinix Customer,

**IBX Address:**1950 North Stemmons Freeway Suites 1039A & 2048 Dallas, TX 75207
**Date and Time of Occurrence:**15-FEB-2021 02:46 Site Local Time
**Date and Time Update Reported:**15-FEB-2021 21:58 Site Local Time

**INCIDENT SUMMARY:**IBX Utility Disturbance - Customer Loads Transferred


Equinix IBX Site Staff reports that the utility vendor has advised that there will be rotating outages. The IBX will remain on generator power until utility power is stable. The fuel vendor has advised of an ETA on 16-FEB-2021 10:00 Site Local Time for the fuel delivery. All loads remain stable on generator power. IBX Engineers will continue to monitor for stability.

     * Situation Status:  Stable
     * Equipment/Condition:  IBX Utility Disturbance - Customer Loads Transferred
     * Current System Redundancy:  Reduced Redundancy
     * Resources on Site/Pending:  N/A
     * Generator Fuel Run Time (hrs.):  Gen 1A- 38 hours/ DA3.2 Gen A - 48 Hours -Gen B – 48 Hours
     * Current Colo Temperature Status: N/A
     * Current Colo Humidity RH Status:  N/A

The next update will be sent when there is a significant change to the situation.

Equinix DA-2 reported loads transferred 3-4 a.m.

This should not come as a surprise. It’s not uncommon for Texas DCs to do this in the Summer to reduce load on the grid during very hot days. They are often notified a few days in advance and compensated for it beyond fuel cost and equipment wear & tear. With all the hubbub lately, they knew this was coming.

It serves 2 purposes: A, a data center can basically be paid to run on generators, and B, they can control when and how gracefully they transfer load (can give generators the opportunity to warm up, a luxury they seldom have) because they may end up losing utility at some point regardless.

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That was a good read.