Info on MAE-EAST

There are lots of 7513's so I doubt a 7507 would be a problem - the only
restriction on equipment is no computers on the MAE EAST LAN for security
reasons. Given the ability to bridge MAE EAST I'm not sure how that can be
enforced. And Netscape has some mighty big SGI's promintently displayed as
you walk in. Oh and another restrictiuon should you ever need it -- to
run a $5 piece of ethernet cable 10' from one rack to another (assuming the
two racks are diffrent companies eg. a cross connect) is $2000/month.


Well, you can tell by MAC addresses or by broadcast-pings what IP addresses
are hooked up to the bridged fabric at any FDDI/ethernet/bridged exchange...

I think it's abused more @ MAE-West than @ MAE-East.