Inexperienced seeks mailing list (was Re: Inexperienced Seeks Partner)

> > friends and I have a dialup connection to 5 exchange points. We are
> > using 33.6 US Robotics Sportster Win-Modems with a linux box running
> > gated. We are applying for our own ASN, and we expect to get it soon.

Mmmm... the number of people who didn't realize this was a joke is a
sad explanatory reflection on NANOG content today...

These guys are running the Internet too. This could cause problems.

You kiddies need to lighten up a bit. So since I'm in the festive spirit of
the holiday, I wanna wish to you all;

                      HAVE A HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!

Yes, I know someone will complain to themselves that this is off-topic and
irrelevant, but at least unlike most off-topic and irrelevant stuff that this
list is nearly exclusively composed of, it might bring a smile to someone's
lips even if they have an impaired sense of humor.

Chill out and Peace Out, all my hairy lil' Network-Operating Ladies and