Indy Telcom Center

Can anyone here tell a bit of a history on the Indy Telcom Center? What operators (network and datacenter) have occupied what properties over the years? There's about a dozen buildings that were all railroad related in the past. You can see abandoned tracks running through the property at different places.

For instance, At one point Avaya's name was attached to 740 W. Henry. I think it was through an acquisition that they did. The last name attached to that property appears to have been Zenality, but they appear dead. There didn't appear to be any activity (air conditioners, etc.) from the building the last time I was there.

730 W. Henry shows up in Google as SP Telcom. I think I saw a Verizon logo on the door when I was last there, but I didn't document it to be sure.

701 W. Henry is now 365 Datacenters, but was Equinix. Being Equinix and not in a major market, I assume it was a Switch and Data property. Not sure what else has or does operate out of there.

733 W. Henry is LifeLine DataCenter and seems to have been for quite some time. We've got a presence there.

731 W. Henry is Lightbound datacenter. I think they have another one as well on the NE side of the campus. Are 650 W. Henry and 550 S. Kentucky the same building?

710 S. Kentucky seems to now be an AT&T MSC, but not sure whose it was originally.

720 S. Kentucky, WilTel POP?

800 Oliver seems to be under a few hats including Paragon and GAP. Not sure what's going on there.

Some of the remaining buildings are other datacenters or carrier POPs, but I have less on them.