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Date: Wed, 16 Apr 2003 05:16:59 -0400

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> It seems many are curious about fringe benefits. That makes as
> good of a starting point as any. "ICANN support" and "other

I've seen places that have "salary" in one category, and "fringe
benefits" is everything else - employer contributions to medical insurance,
retirement plans, Social Security, workmen's comp insurance, and so on.

How (or even whether) it adds up to 40% of salary I admit to not knowing.

This is a nearly universal accounting practice. After all, benefits cost
money and they have to be accounted for in any annual report. (The
title, "Fringe Benefits", is probably not commonly used, though.)

40% is fairly light. I know that the standard benefits package for
University of California employees is more than that. It includes
medical insurance or at least a big part of it), non-industrial
disability, dental, eye care, retirement, social security (for most
employees), sick leave, annual leave, workers' compensation,
unemployment insurance and many more small items. (Yes, UC has above
average benefits.)

I don't see anything inappropriate about the ARIN numbers.

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