Incompetance abounds at the InterNIC

Now, isn't this special?

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... while talking to


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Just what does our $35/yr per domain go towards? I would venture to guess
that drive space costs a whole shit load less that all the damned InterNIC
commercials I've been seeing on T.V.!

Does anyone know just who we need to bitch very loudly to?

I don't know who the president of NetSol is right now... remember seeing
an article about a changeover but don't remember who the new guy is.

Complain to Chuck Gomes (

If you're feeling... what was the word someone else used, "masochistic..."
also complain to David Holtzman ( so that he can
yell at you and tell you you're full of shit.

I'm not by any means an Internic apologist, but I must stand up for
dholtz. Every time I've had occasion to deal with him, usually when
things were rotten, he's been quite polite to _me_.

-- jra

I've heard from him once, and he was ranting the one time I heard from him.

There have been various good and bad things said about Chuck Gomes, but at
least he listens and provides feedback.

Of course, Chuck's position (Director of Customer Programs, or some such,
don't remember the exact title) is one where he is expected to provide good
customer service. David's position is not necessarily one where he is expected
to be in contact with customers at all times. But ferchrissakes, if you're
going to talk to customers, you might at least *try* to be polite.