INCOMING: IP Provider Metrics

Attached is my initial cut at an agenda and some introductory discussion for
the upcoming IP Provider Metrics BOF at Danvers. I plan to circulate this
to the main IETF list on Friday.

Even though I am going to work hard to prevent it, this is likely to become
quite political. My intent is to provide tools and methods (standard
procedures) which will enable the market to reward providers who are true to
their mission, what ever that may be.

Although my historical point of view has always been in the operations
community, I have clearly become "just a customer". Furthermore, there is a
large pool of "experts" who think that they can do the job better than you.
Therefor, it is crucial that current providers take an active role in this
effort, if nothing else to offset the "experts".

Comments are welcome.

Draft agenda of the "IP Provider Metrics" BOF
6:00 - 11:30 Wednesday, April 5, 1995