Incentive for route stabilty

Here's an idea that just popped into my head after NANOG.

Lets assume for a moment that the majority of route instabilty is
coming from inexperienced providers. With that assumption in hand
I propose the following incentive:

Finanical compensation for bgp dampening policies.

Humm.. Given your assumption and your conclusion where would the $ go?

How about, under the same assumptions, that we all just wind up the
dampening timers faster to say 24 hours or so. A couple of days of
being off the net tends to be a much more direct $ problem.

That said, I like the idea of communcations and/or training, perhaps in
a form of a document for "new" ISPs. In my vision this tome could take
its place in the collection of literature for new ISP's connecting to a
nap.. Possibly the cost of connecting to a given nap could offset this.
In theory, we are all in this together. No amount of punishment will
really help solve the problem in the long run (although it is sometimes
fun to think about)

There already are some documents like this for ISP's at

Obviously the collection could be improved with more info on NAP's and
BGP and multihoming and similar stuff. If any of you belong to national
ISP mailing lists or ISP mailing lists in other languages please pass
these URL's on to those lists. These URL's are especially helpful for
helping beginning ISP's to learn the tricks of the trade.

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