Inbound prefix filters

Actually, I view it the other way. If someone is announcing routes for one
of our prefixes, connectivity is at least partially broken for that prefix,

I think the whole point of filtering is that you will not
send packets to that newly announced route. You can access-list
it and if you suddenly see matching on some deny, then you
can investigate at somewhere like nitrous and figure out who
is announcing what. In general, I would not be willing to sacrifice
the performance of the people who are paying me m0ney just to be able to
quickly? ascertain who is causing the problem.

BTW, this has happened to us twice, and both times the offender was a
direct competitor in one of our local markets. Does anybody have any
feel for how often these "accidents" are not accidents?

Time to slap the kiddies for playing with daddy's router.

brad reynolds
"Faith: not wanting to know what is true."
-- Friedrich Nietzsche