Inauguration streaming traffic

The Beeb's HD multicast feed is about 23Mbit/s to the host, and we received
it at quite decent (subjective) quality here on a JANET-connected university

This is full broadcast HD, exactly the same as we have on satellite.

We don't consider it generally usable, it's part of IPTV services not
general Internet distribution.

I expect we'll make a 1.5Mbit/s stream, not really HD just what people
flog as Internet HD, some time.

The interesting aspect of the HD stream was seeing how various systems coped
with the CPU load. It was good to have some HD content available that
encouraged people to install vlc, find out a little about multicast, and
system issues in receiving it.

That's why I leave it there but unpublicised as users would try getting
it down their adsl and annoy their ISP.

Thanks again Beeb :slight_smile:

/me doffs cap