In wall switches

I love the 3COM NJ220s, but beware of buying them used: there is no way (at least none that I have found) to reset the password if you don't know it. Thus, if you buy them used and the password has been changed from the default, you're outta luck.

I'd be pleased to hear from anyone on this list that I'm wrong, by the way...


I talked to HP and as I expected those ProCurve APs with a 4 port switch are
LWAPs which could be great if you got spare $ for a controller, but is not
so great on a low budget.
I just placed an order for 3 of the NJ2000 to start with. For $150 a pop
will see how they work out.
Btw, NJ220 (at least on - trusted vendor in networking gear :slight_smile: ) are
just $75 a pop. Just as much as those 4 port linksys nightmares.
Thanks to all who pointed them out. Seems to be exactly what I was looking