In-rack DC distribution


I’ve been looking for the holy grail of in-rack A/B DC distribution, unfortunately without much success so far.

In a perfect world, I’d have the equivalent of what we know and love about 0U vertical AC distribution rails (i.e.: APC), except with A/B feeds - lots of outlets, takes up no space in the rack, managed, remotely switched, etc. I’ve only found one vendor who makes such a beast for the DC world, but the breakers are manual - if it trips, or if you need to cycle it, you're rolling a truck. The beauty of this though is that it can take the gambit of breakers from 5A-200A.

I’ve also been looking for something in the 1U world with A/B feeds. GMT panels are super high density, but GMT fuses are limited to 15A, so something that had small breakers (solid state, maybe??) 5-40A would be the holy grail there. Again, managed, remotely monitored per input/per output, remotely switched or reset would be the holy grail.

Does anyone know of anything like this out there anywhere?