IMPORTANT – ARIN Election Deadline Approaching – and now relevant to many more organizations than previously...

NANOGers -

For those who don’t closely follow ARIN, it’s important to know that in 2022 we made a substantial change to ARIN membership and ability to participate in ARIN’s elections – and as a result, many organizations that have never participated in ARIN elections in the past will be able to do so if they so wish.

While previously one had to be an ARIN service provider (“ISP”) member to participate in ARIN’s elections, the recent change means that any organization with IPv4 or IPv6 number resources directly assigned and under contract with ARIN who is current with their ARIN fees may request ARIN General Member status, assign a voting contact & then participate in the upcoming elections for ARIN’s Board of Trustees, ARIN Advisory Council, etc.

Please see the message below for further information - thanks!

John Curran
President and CEO
American Registry for Internet Numbers