Implementation practices

Irrd-discuss didn't have anything at all to say about this, so I thought
I'd bring it here for a different, practical perspective.

  I'm wondering what the general concensus is with regards to IRR
implementation practices. I've done a little digging and have tried to
find practical examples of networks listing their detailed peering sets
and detailed aut-num objects to see how their import and export entries
look for things like community strings, MEDs, Local-Pref, etc. I
haven't had much luck in finding any detailed, practical examples.

I can come up with only two conclusions: 1) Security policies for most
networks networks likely mandate against disclosing routing policy by
means of mirroring your database with RADB. 2) People just don't use
the irrd to it's fullest extent, hence no detailed entries.

I'd like to think that the former is true :slight_smile: so if that's the case, what
are some of the best practices? Is it just as simple as creating a
database which RADB mirrors, containing general maintainer, as and route
objects then having a private, un-mirrored/non-exported database
containing all the nuts and bolts which you run ratoolset (or other,
home made widget) against?