Impacts of Encryption Everywhere (any solution?)

I believe you were responding to me, but it was really
hard to tell. If so, here's the conversation...

Also, please don't just look at continental countries
when researching. Look at the small PICs (Pacific
Island Countries). For example, search the posts from
Christian on Kiribati on the PICISOC list. The cost is
extraordinary and all the ego-flattering bloat rsk
speaks (relevant part of the post id below) of in very
expensive to download and is nearly impossible to stop.

Then Africa in particular is specifically disadvantaged
- I spent a good deal of time in Haiti and 4G connectivity
was abundant at good speeds, as were terrestrial fiber

Mirrors my experience in half a dozen other 3rd world
countries. Unless there’s something particularly
oppressive about Africa?

While Haiti is clos-ER to a rich mainland country than those
you mentioned, I would not say that it lacks geographic
challenges. They might be a bit less since (more importantly)
fiber has to run past (and thus conveniently to) Hispañola
(the Island containing Haiti and the DR) in order to traverse
other destinations which obviously is not the case in the
areas you mention above.

Almost every area I am aware of in the developing world has
some combination of challenges which drive its continued
lagging behind more developed areas.

This can, by the way, include parts of developed nations which
are underserved due to geographic challenges such as some rural
areas of the united States as mentioned earlier.

These challenges can include any combination of economic,
geographic, geologic, terrain, cultural, political, population
density, etc.

One thing I have found very interesting in my travels…

Every area with challenges seems to think that their challenges
are so unique that solutions that have proven elsewhere cannot
possibly work for them.

Every area with challenges almost always has more in common with
the other areas with challenges than they perceive.

I guess it is easier to talk about why things will not work than
do the hard work of adapting solutions to the differences which
do matter.