if you make the peace today i will call mr.obama

if you make the peace today i will call mr.obama

i mean the biden. and shut down your operations both

white house should call me immediately.

ps. turkish translator is required.

however i may correct him/her in case of bad translation

isnt this list moderated or… trolling allowed!??

If you have beef with Cognet or HE why not just take it up with them instead of involving the whole list in your spam every few days? You rehashed a thread that hadn’t seen any activity in 9 years and now just keep spamming everyone trying to get your point across.

Yes, it is annoying that Cognet and HE don’t peer with each other. You’re not the only one who doesn’t like it and Cognet has previously cut off other peers as well based on their internal policies. If you are a Cognet or HE customer, take it up with your Account Manager and if they aren’t willing to do anything than talk with your wallet and take the business elsewhere if it is such a big issue for you.

Spamming the list isn’t going to result in any change, it is just going to piss people off. Neither company is going to care about one person complaining about it on a mailing list when both are bringing on new customers daily.

Re your trolling comment, if I was to hazard a guess and I am not a moderator so not this is nothing but a guess, I’d say you have crossed the line now and am hoping the moderators take action soon so that the 10s of thousands who get these emails don’t need to keep putting up with your spam.


Jeremy Chequer
Chief Operating Officer

Resolver Group | Check Networks

Resolver Group is a Division of Check Technology Group

Please consider the environment before printing this email.

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maybe they know that i am the really real god.

i have metatron at my back.


piss of so what?

what can u do?

you all bunch of fucking morons

do something about putin

why dont you give nuclear to UA?

if you dont say stop, you can not say stop (later)