IETF Nominations Committee seeks operations community input

The IETF Nominations Committee (NomCom) is currently working to select
a new Operations Area Director who will replace Ron Bonica (who is
stepping down next March). Ideally, the Operations area within the
IETF serves as a focal point for communication and collaboration with
the network operations community. I understand that over the years the
Operations area has had varying degrees of success at fostering
productive discussion with the networks operations community.

The IETF NomCom would greatly appreciate input from network operators
to ensure that we select an Operations Area Director who best serves
the needs of the community. The NomCom welcomes general feedback on
issues that the NomCom should take into account in selecting an
Operations Area Director, including things that the IETF Operations
area could/should be doing to better interface with the network
operations community. Please do not hesitate to send input/feedback by
email to the NomCom at

Additionally, the specific individuals that the NomCom is currently
considering for the position of Operations Area Director are:
-- Linda Dunbar
-- Joel Jaeggli
-- Melinda Shore
-- Tina Tsou
The NomCom welcomes any feedback specifically related to any of these
individuals, and whether they are particularly well suited for the
position of Operations Area Director.

The IETF NomCom takes very seriously the confidentiality of any input
provided to the committee (as per RFC 3777).

Thank you for any help that you can provide to the IETF NomCom,
- Matt Lepinski