IETF I-D: Current issues with DNS Configuration Options for SLAAC


We have published a new IETF I-D entitled "Current issues with DNS
Configuration Options for SLAAC", about existing problems with the DNS
configuration options used with SLAAC.

The I-D is available at:

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   RFC 6106 specifies two Neighbor Discovery options that can be
   included in Router Advertisement messages to convey information about
   DNS recursive servers and DNS Search Lists. Small lifetime values
   for the aforementioned options have been found to cause
   interoperability problems in those network scenarios in which these
   options are used to convey DNS-related information. This document
   analyzes the aforementioned problem, and formally updates RFC 6106
   such that these issues are mitigated.
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This version of the I-D discusses different *alternative* mitigations
for the forementioned problem. Your input will be very appreciated.


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