Idiots trash NASA web sites

EBay has already cancelled "auctions" of shuttle debris.

I can't confirm this. The computers were offline by the time I checked.
I checked Google for several of the sites, but didn't find any cached


Hackers deface numerous NASA web servers on day of Space Shuttle Disaster
Trippin Smurfs picked the wrong time to deface NASA
02-01-2003 5:50:50 PM CST -- from the SNP Mailbox

On a day of national tragedy, with the folks at NASA in grief at the lost
of the space shuttle Columbia and the seven astronauts onboard, a hacking
group known as Trippin Smurfs decided to defaced a number of NASA web
servers with a rant about Iraq....

Suffice to say that their timing was in extremely poor taste and will
probably result in NASA's JPL security dudes putting in some overtime to
catch the Trippin Smurfs. Given the tragedy that unfolded today over the
skies of Texas, I don't think there is a court in the land that would have
much sympathy for the hackers when sentencing. Tip of the hat and thanks
to our friends who wrote to us about this poorly timed multiple web site