Identifying IP address types in ptr

                                                               in hinfo

         Dynamic Dialup in ptr

                                                               in hinfo

         Static xDSL

And why shouldn't an ISP be allowed to sell dialup
or XDSL services to someone who runs their own SMTP
server? Let's not start mucking around with the ISP's
business model here.


If the ISP's customer does have an SMTP server, all they
need to do is talk to their supplier and get this changed to


Of course, I have to add the obligatory plug for LDAP here
since this is the kind of thing LDAP was made for. I know that
the early DNS was envisioned to support all of these different
needs but over time DNS was simplified and focused on doing one
job well while people who needed a more general purpose directory
migrated to using LDAP.

Also, just because some (or all) ISPs publish a directory of
SMTP capable IP addresses doesn't mean that third parties cannot
continue to publish their own directories as well. And if these
3rd party directories lost the pejorative naming (blacklist, block lists)
then perhaps more people would volunteer useful attributes to be
published in them.

--Michael Dillon