ICANNs role [was: Re: On-going ...]

>This is the costly bit that a domain registrar isn't going to be
>likely to do.

Well, you're not likely to get it for the $8.95 that Godaddy charges.
Their abuse department does a remarkably good job, considering their
volume and margins.

Most places are selling domains for around that price. It was GoDaddy's
decision to try to handle abuse in this manner. If they can't do it at
this price point, why is that a problem that their customers should have
inflicted on them?

So do you really think that the true abusers are getting nuked? Or is
it more likely that they register a name at GoDaddy, get nuked once,
and then go elsewhere for future activities?

That means that the volume of legitimate complaints at GoDaddy ought to
be somewhat lower than at their competitors, which simultaneously means
that they would *need* to be doing a much better job of analysis, or they
risk closing down legitimate domains more often.

Perhaps the message here is that you get what you pay for. For a rock
bottom price, You get rock bottom service. There are registrars that
charge considerably more and provide considerably more service.

Personally, I don't consider "submit a spam complaint and get someone's
domain taken down without due diligence" to be a service. However, I
guess I can make an exception and agree that GoDaddy is offering "rock
bottom service."

ObOperations: I need a 1.5Mb net connection. I'm planning to pay
$29.95/month, since I see lots of ads on TV for places offering that.
Oh, and I expect five nines reliability and you can bet I will
complain loudly and bitterly when I call in an outage at 3 AM and get
the answering machine.

Sometimes that happens for hicap circuits too. Don't get me started about
the provider that "only does BGP from 9 to 5."

... JG