ICANN to allow commercial gTLDs

Lets say I want to apply for .WINE with commercial purposes, then what
is a ballpark figure for the funds/investment required ?

My guess, it is way way above the $185K

assuming no defect in the application, necessitiating a second bite
at the apple, at cost (extended eval), and no objections by parties
with standing, all of which are nuisance costs in this scenario, the
controlling cost is "none of the above".

it is not the $185k fee.
it is not any of, singally or in their aggregate, the scheduled fees
for extended eval or objections.
it is not the pick-your-poison capital investment in sites, boxen,
it is not the pick-your-other-poison marketing investment in campaigns
and registrars and pricing programs.
it is not the three-times-annual-unstated-continuity cost of a security
it is not the recurring $25k fee.

it is the one-dollar-more-than-amount of any other applicant in the
contention set which contains "WINE", which might be some other business
organization intending to acquire "WINE" for their purposes.

applications not subject to allocation under the community comparative
evaluation (and i've not looked up the current name of this) 14 of 16
rule, nor to allocation under the informed consent of the relevant public
administration, are subjet to allocation, where there is contention,
defined by two or more applications in the same contention set, by

so for your purposes, nothing matters except the depth of your last
competitor's pocket, where she/he reaches lint, you've still got a
piece of silver.

of course, being ruined by winning an auction is known in the literature,
as are bizorg mechanisms for recapitalizations.