IAHC Backtracks on Registrar Lottery

Deepak Jain writes:

In the list of requirements, one that caught my eye was a 24/7 helpdesk.
Does a help desk mean someone who tells you what is wrong and that it'll
take you three days to get it fixed or one that can fix it immediately?

One of the reasons for this is that in the new system, registrars are
scattered worldwide. Someone at a registrar in Australia might find
themselves needing to talk to someone at a registrar in Boston because
of a system problem that has occurred -- or someone at the central
database might have to talk to a registrar in a distant timezone.

A 24x7 operation assures that there is at least some way to get in
touch in an emergency, even if you are operating in very disparate

Speaking personally, and not in any official capacity