I need temporary dialup access in Sooke, British Columbia

... from tomorrow evening through next Tuesday. Can anyone out there loan
me a dialup account for that period? Also, does anyone know if any of the
majors have a POP near there? (Alterdial, PSI, ATT Worldnet, etc.)

Thanks in advance!


If you get in a pinch, try IBM since they have more local PoPs around the
globe than anyone else on the planet. Not sure about Sooke, but their
list for BC is below:

Canada BC Abbotsford (PPP/SLIP/X2) (604)870-3652
Canada BC Chilliwack (PPP/SLIP/X2) (604)702-2201
Canada BC Kamloops (PPP/SLIP/X2) (250)314-2901
Canada BC Kelowna (PPP/SLIP/X2) (250)717-5551
Canada BC Nanaimo (PPP/SLIP/X2) (250)741-3452
Canada BC Prince George (PPP/SLIP/X2) (250)960-4837
Canada BC Vancouver (PPP/SLIP/X2) (604)602-2401
Canada BC Vernon (PPP/SLIP/X2) (250)549-6252
Canada BC Victoria (PPP/SLIP/X2) (250)995-3751