I need someone clueful at Network Solutions

Operational help needed. Must register DNS server. Money available.

Details below. Note that the more you read the stupider you will get.


Facts: I own WETWORK.NET, registered with the register.com registrar.
        I own LETOH.COM, registered with network solutions registrar.

20-oct I register a domain LETOH.COM with network solutions,
    and attempt to use the nameserver "server.wetwork.net"
    which is under my register.com domain wetwork.net.
    Network solutions says to [NIC-991020.1545c]:
    ERROR: Name Server <SERVER.WETWORK.NET>is not registered
    with InterNIC.

20-oct I send in a host template [NIC-991020.15848] but NetSol
    The <WETWORK.NET> domain is non-existent.

    First register this host through the host registration
    process or choose a different name-server.
    AT THE SAME TIME I get another mail message from them:
    All Host Forms must be submitted from the e-mail address
    of the current host contact...we have sent a notification
    message ... which they did not send anywhere I can tell.

22-oct I sent mail to help@internic.net and asked them to fix this.
26-oct Netsol says:
    The problem with your HOST registration was that you were
    trying to register a host but the TOP-Level part of the host
    is not a registered domain, i.e.WETWORK.NET.

26-oct I wrote netsol and said:
          Wetwork.net exists.. just not with your registry.

          However, I wish to use mail.wetwork.net as a DNS server
          with your registry future domains. Please register the host asap.

27-oct Help@internic.net says to send in a host template and
    includes one in the message...

27-oct I submit the host template [NIC-991027.75ef]. I also
    follow it up to help@ with:
          991027.75ef duplicates 991020.15848 as per your request.

27-oct Once again I get the 'All host forms must be submitted
    from the email address of the current host contact...'

27-oct I forward the mess back to help@internic [NIC-991027.14981]
    I forward a copy to kimh@ with header
    3 I ask for help. 4 help says submit host templte. I DO.
    Here's the rejection again. Please fix

27-oct help@ responds with:

    Thank you for contacting Network Solutions.

    To register a domain name in the COM, NET, ORG, and EDU
    top-level domains, you should:

    1. Make arrangements for Internet service. A company that
    can connect you to the Internet

Ehud Gavron
ACES Research, Inc., an RMI.NET company