I-D (Re: Out of date contact information )


As with anything else, report fires to trouble for fastest response.
It might be worth putting security down to serve a similar role as
routing (for questions or coordination not requiring immediate


ANS uses routing the same way uunet and esnet do. I think MCI does
the same. Netcom is in the minority.

OK, SECURITY and CERT are now different. TROUBLE and NOC and ROUTING
are now all different.


BTW - do we want to mention "root" as the system administration of a
specific host to report things like "your multicast implementation is
broken and spewing ICMP packets" or other "fix that beast" messages.

No. This is particular to UNIX. For this kind of thing, use TROUBLE.
To report it per host, use TROUBLE@host. To report per domain, use


It would be great if later you could include some of the NIC and IRR
mailboxes. Maybe next revision. For example:

  auto-dbm Automated Registry Register routing objects
    except MCI - auto-rr@mci.net

Only problem is I don't think there is consistency in the address
registries and routing registries use of mail aliases. Maybe this
could go on the RA web page and when there is better consistency, put
this in an RFC.

Thank you for finishing with what was going to be my objection and my
recommendation. I think that the RADB concept is sufficiently complex
and well advanced that it deserves its own standard-contacts documents,
which would contain a lot more information than just e-mail addresses.