I-D (Re: Out of date contact information )

  anyone for 'ipadmin'? seriously.

I'm against that. I am striving to limit the level of ``invention'' in this
document and really just substantially cover the best of current practices.
If InterNIC can cope with a single address (HOSTMASTER) for both domain and
address allocation issues, I suspect that the rest of us can do the same.

I am considering the proposal of a CERT address per domain. While SECURITY
and others are more _prevalent_, I'm not sure that they represent the _best_
of current practices. Since "The CERT" has recommended per-domain CERT
addresses, I think that the next public draft will recommend a CERT address
and relegate SECURITY to "less well known" status. Comments are of course
welcome on this change.

The "less well known" table is perilously close to overflow already. I have
resisted adding everything that anybody knows of or can imagine, since what
I really want to do is (a) codify the minimum useful address set, and (b) do
some lip service to existing end-user expectations of things I don't think
we ought to be recommending.

Due to those same concerns, I resisted (mightily, and I won) the temptation
to add sections talking about well known whois.<domain> servers, DNS RP RR's,
current international and national registry lists, how to use Alta Vista to
locate folks, a little ditty about the old (dead?) whois phone book, and so
on. If _I_ (of all people!) can resist the temptation to borrow GNU Emacs'
"kitchen sink" logo for the first page of the postscript version of this
document, then I expect the rest of you (who presumably have better sense and
more self control) can also avoid asking this document to expand to the size
of the Encyclopaedia Britannica.