I-D (Re: Out of date contact information )

(I'm removing all addresses but "nanog@merit.edu" from the headers when
I reply to someone I know is on the list -- I hope everyone else starts
doing this also, so that I'll stop getting two copies of everything...)

Just one nitpick. As best as I can tell, usage of trouble@xxx.net is still
very current and prevalent.


This is another gray area. I don't consider this address name to have been
well chosen, since TROUBLE doesn't say much about what kind of trouble one
is experiencing. If my car won't start after I interview at xxx.net, and
I'm stuck in the parking lot, should I send mail to TROUBLE@xxx.NET from my
little Radiomail HP200? Probably not. But the name doesn't say.

Therefore the document recommends ROUTING and NOC, and makes TROUBLE into
an optional "backward compatibility" address. This is because I'm trying
to describe the BEST current practice rather than ALL current practices.

This won't be universally easy for folks to implement, but I believe the
'net will be a better place after that necessary pain than it is now.


While I agree with your effort, this has moved to prospective namespace
design as opposed to documenting a very few current practices.