I-D (Re: Out of date contact information )

I've added SECURITY since we need something like it and this is the name
most people who have it now are using.

I've added ROUTING to do what TROUBLE is often used to do.

Since I agree with Randy than a minimum useful set seems ideal, I've added
a new section ("optional, less well known addresses") with NIC, WWW, NEWS,
LISTOWNER, TROUBLE (no longer "recommended", in favour of ROUTING and NOC),
and HELP.

From: kaminski@nanospace.com (Peter Kaminski)

Here are a couple more in a similar vein:
      info Customer Support automated response
      sales Customer Support directed to sales dept.
      ftp-admin Customer Support FTP administrator

I'll add INFO as a general contact point. SALES is outside our scope (this
is a technology document after all). Rather than FTP-ADMIN how about FTP?
I'll make FTP-ADMIN an "optional, less well known address".

From: David Stoddard <dgs@us.net>

  On our net, we have developed a series of role accounts based on
  various ways our customers have tried to reach us over the past
  three years. This list is intentionally comprehensive in order to
  reach the widest possible audience. Some folks may find these
  useful. Some of these, including billing, info, and sales, are
  used commonly by many providers.

  Role Account Aliases Description
  ------------ ------------ --------------------------------------
  postmaster maiser SMTP Administration
  hostmaster Domain Contact
  gophermaster Gopher Server Administration
  webmaster Web Server Administration
  uucp UUCP Administration
  usenet news NNTP Administration
  news-request news-requests News Group Requests
  root operator System Administrator
  abuse security Security Administrator
  dns dnsadmin Domain Administration
  noc trouble Network Operations
  routes routing Routing Administrator
  admin manager Administrative Management
  asNNNN AS Contact (where NNNN is AS number)
  billing bills Customer Billing
  account accounts Account Administration
  info information Automated Info Reply Server
  sales marketing Sales and Marketing
  support supports Customer Support
  bounce test Mail Test Reflector

Some of those choices are amazing to me, like ABUSE->SECURITY. I will add
ROOT to the less-well-known table. I briefly considered adding asNNNN but
I think ROUTING will serve adequately for the purpose of this document.

With this feedback, I believe the document is ready to go to Cynthia. I'll
send it to the OPS AD's, both of whom have said this thing is reasonable.
Remember that although this started on NANOG, that was because NANOG hosted
a discussion thread that inspired me to write this common knowledge down.
Once IETF gets it, the document's scope becomes international. Thus, there
will probably be some more addresses added in the first post-Cynthia rev.

Just one nitpick. As best as I can tell, usage of trouble@xxx.net is still
very current and prevalent.